How to become a Member?

How to get a BaPDA membership

To become a Member, please download the Membership form and send it duly filled and signed along with a copy of your company’s valid CR by email at

Please allow 7 working days for to process your request.

Membership Form

Download BaPDA Membership Form here

BaPDA internal rules for accepting new membership

Extracted from BaPDA’s Internal Rules and Regulation – Part I – Guideline from Membership

Guidelines for membership

  • For the ordinary member application to be valid it can be submitted anytime during the year
  • Ordinary membership applicants can be invited for a meeting/interview with secretariat/ Manager.
  • To be a member, the applicants must have a valid Commercial registration in the Real Estate development field and/or any other relevant Real Estate development Activity within the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • The expulsion of a Member can only be exercised by the Executive Board once the concerned member has had a hearing on the matter of expulsion in front of the Executive Board.
  • If a member is absent at his expulsion hearing the Executive Board has the right to suspend the member at its discretion.

Acceptation of membership are subject to secretariat approval only.