Mr. Aaref Hejres
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Welcome to the BaPDA website!

Consider it our gateway to maintaining a dynamic relationship with all those interested in the property development and construction industry, to keeping you updated with BaPDA's efforts to actively and responsibly represent, promote, and further the general interest of the industry, and it's activities. The pace of growth in Bahrain is rapid, especially in the property development industry amplifying the importance of comprehensive services that will enhance infrastructure development with cooperation, fair trade practices and integrity among all those who are a part of it. BaPDA is a relatively young organization but it has already made a significant impact bringing together developers and professionals to make it a representative association that would gather together experience and expertise, with the vision to make the Property and Real Estate industry in Bahrain one that will ensure best practices and will raise the bar of excellence for the entire region. We look forward to working in close harmony with all of you, keeping you abreast of all our initiatives, and with your support connecting to a wider audience. We hope that our paths will run together in vision and influence to benefit and help the industrof Bahrain.

Bahrain Infrastructure & Finance Forum is the ONLY industry event in the region addressing the latest developments and opportunities across the Kingdom’s infrastructure projects market, which is valued at $42bn as well as the strategies required for its successful delivery.

Latest infrastructure projects and pipeline opportunities to be highlighted include:

· Transport infrastructure: Bahrain’s $5bn rail network and $5bn Saudi-Bahrain causeway

· Healthcare: Bahrain’s long-term healthcare development scheme and projects leading up to 2023

· Housing: Affordable housing developments and the vision to build 30,000 homes by 2016

· Wastewater and sewage: Latest developments and commercial opportunities associated with the rehaul of the kingdom’s sewage network to 2020

· Airport: Bahrain’s $4.6bn airport expansion programme

· Real estate & hospitality: Bahrain’s real estate and tourism market outlook and associated contractor/ third party opportunities

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